Thursday, 24 February 2011

Marriage, Life, and Cooking.

I love the Idea of blogging. But I never find it easy to sit down and write about my day or life. I have to be inspired. I love looking through the blogs of friends or of people who are inspiring in their way of life or their way of eating.

Since July I have found myself trying to figure out what it is that Abigail Marie Heaton looks do I want to run a home, or cook, and how do I want to live. I have found the last few months very difficult and fun in trying to figure these things out, now that I am no longer single and have another person in my life. After 26 years of watching my parents, friends, mentors, and others in my life what is it I want to take from them and mix with my own ideas and Matt's ideas. It hasn't been easy because I have had to distance myself a bit from others to do this.

At this point in my life I am very confused about what I want life to look like, We really want God to be the centre of our lives, we are reading a book at the moment Crazy Love. It is very challenging but relevant at this time for us both. We are wanting to decide what to do while we are newly weds and childless. If I had the choice I would choose some random spot in Africa and go although that is a scary thought (I would miss my kitchen and cooking things the most) but at the same time I love adventure and now with Matt by my side I feel we could go anywhere. With life I feel free, to free really, I do not have a steady job but if we don't go now I need to find something here to occupy my time. I would like to work at Starbucks or with elderly people. I want to visit them in their homes or just befriend them. I have lived in a Christian bubble the past 3 1/2 years and feel the need to break free, but I want to go and do what God has in mind and not what I have in mind. The last couple months we have been thinking, discussing and praying what is next for us, I don't feel we have came to any conclusions but I do feel I have ruled some things out.

Please be praying for us and thanks to those of you who are already doing so.

That is all for now, I must get dinner served for my patient husband...lentil soup and monster cookies...yummy :)

Lord, please guide me and Matt and help me to put my life, goals, and visions FULLY in Your hands. Amen.